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 Jeanne Guertin-Potoff is from New England and moved to Florida in 2014. Her background includes work as an educator, advertising manager, performer, event organizer and healing arts therapist. Raised with the influence of a mother who sang light opera and an engineer/inventor father, the balance of right- and left-brain thinking has been a constant in her life. Her pursuit of art has been an exploration over several years with a variety of mediums and instructors. Drawing on her experience with the power of healing energy has led to exploring visual interpretations for sensory experiences. 

'An enthusiasm for color and a desire to express energy were my first inspirations. I'm interested in exploring the balance between the chaotic and the serene by using all the chaos of activity to bring a focus to stillness. The effort is to capture the energy produced by compelling relationships. Then to simplify the compositional vocabulary to most succinctly convey a felt sense of the idea.'

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